“ThroneMadness” Overview and Introduction

My name is PerseusStoned and this is my DAR (“during action report”) for “ThroneMadness” a Middle Age game put together on Reddit by Astarwulf, a Dominions 4 personality with a great youtube channel. To get my qualifications out of the way I have none; there will be mistakes. While I am often engaged in “weekly submission” games with a group of RL friends, this will only be my 4th legit multiplayer game. I once enjoyed writing a bit and hope this exercise will serve to clear webs in my creative muscles as well as document a fun game with new friends. All images are modified in Paint. I have a bad habit of excessive verbosity, so be warned.

In this game I am cultivating the mythology of one of the giant nations. untitled
When Dominion players think giants they might think of the Niefels, powerful giants who sprang from a glacier and armored their bodies with its icy bounty. But I am not them. Instead they may think of the Sons of Nephilim, powerful demi-Gods who are the progeny of Fallen Angels. These cannibalistic giants lust for the flesh of man, and their hunger is terrific in its insatiability. But I am not them. Perhaps then the player might think of the Fomorians, guardians of the watery realm of death. With powerful necromantic and storm magic at their fingertips, the giant barges of the endangered Fomorians would make for a terrifying waterborn opponent. But I am not them.




I am Agartha. A proud nation of giant, hairless, one-eyed mole rats, the sun hurts their eyes and reddens their pale skin most severely. In ancient times my people lived in giant Kingdoms amongst the intricate cave networks of this world. A nation of potent seers and powerful artifacts, the Agarthan’s most powerful Kingdom held a secret: a chamber sealed with the lifeforce of thousands containing a terrible force. A great war came upon the Agarthans and, desperate for a weapon, this seal was broken and the Imprisoned Ones were unleashed. Many thousands upon thousands of Agarthans and suface dwellers died as a result and the next several eras were dark indeed. Necromancy permeated the world, its taint coming from the caverns of the deep and a deadly force above in the land of the moon.


Now the Agarthans adapt. Put into a deep slumber the last pure blooded Pale Ones were awakened by the remnants of once mighty human empires. These humans were forced underground by terrible undead hordes. Slowly adapting to their new environment, the humans eventually developed cave vision and learned how to cultivate the underground flora and fauna. Mingling with their old foes, the Agarthans found a shared purpose: survival. Forming new alliances the humans and Pale Ones have become the face of new Agartha. Many humans have taken to the giants with the fervor of the devout and see them as Divine. Finding hope, at long last ancient memories are awakening. Whispers of a great power sweep the nation, a hope to Make Agartha Great Again. Two words are heard, repeated again and again, whispered zealously in these deep tunnels: “Pocahontas’s. Phylactery.”

This game is hosted on Leaking Lands v3.1 and is using the Worthy Heroes 5.5 and Lucids Thematic GemGen v1.1 mods. Default settings except 15 Hall of Fame commanders, Score Graphs are not revealed by default. 11 players total; 135 provinces total, 11 underwater, 11 taken by a lv2 Throne, 11 taken by a lv1 Throne. That means a starting ratio of roughly 9 land, non-throne provinces per player. Things will start out without much elbow room and get tighter from there. Ermor was banned.


Look at those glorious cave provinces.


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