Preparing for War (Turns 9-11)

Turn 9

“It smells of dust and the soon. Once, where a council divided, we could have changed this. Now we live in it. No more do the Olm wander in lust. No more do the stones drip a melody of tomorrow. We are the Fallen Watchers. Repentance is all that is left to us. Repent of the past. Repent of the future. Save the now.”

Caveborn the Oracle, First of the Flame Hall, Early Winter of 20 A.C.



So far the plague event has given me +1 unrest, -50 population and now a free temple. This more then offsets the prior turn’s omens and are a sign we are the chosen nation! The people correctly suspect that Pocahontas’s Phylactery will protect them in their time of need.


Aww, yesssh. I want to synchronize my research and water gem income so that I hit Conjuration 4 the same turn I accumulate 20 water gems. This will allow me to immediately cast Olm Conclave, with my first source of water income starting the countdown (with a +3 jump-start from an event)!

My income is 1,119. I am building a lab and a fort this turn. Otherwise low on cash, I recruit an Earth Reader from my capital while my new Oracle goes forth with 24 Ancient Ones and 3 Infantry to conquer the water provinces.



I’m pretty sure this is my first turn without a battle.

I decide not to push my luck with the surface dwellers and leave Ulm to expand further south of his capital unimpeded by my conquering forces. Instead I move my army back to reinforce my 3rd fortress’s production and see if I can secure that far north clump of income after all.

I have 3 scouts in Ulm now, 2 in Abysia, and 1 each moving into Marignon and Ashdod. Ashdod has further expanded and secured the Eastern Vanheim’ borders I had left untouched for Vanheim. This is concerning because it leaves my territory open to Ashdod, and also means he is nearing maximum size and will want to devour a neighbor soon. Even if he leaves me alone, if he notices Vanheim’s size he will surely take his territory. If he takes over Vanheim’s turf he will be in a much superior position to me.turn 9 ashdod.PNG

Turns 10 & 11


Turn 10

Excellent. I have had prior games ruined by plague events, but in this one I received -50 population for a free temple, and now the plague is cancelled.on account of winter. This doesn’t necessarily mean its over (spoiler alert: in this case it does) but at least I get a break until it starts up again come Spring.

I’ve got 3 months left on my first fort, meaning it will get done right on the start of the 2nd year. I also finished a lab and temple down at Monarch and am building my first Nature mage, the Shaman. I recruit a 2nd oracle to lead troops out of the caverns. I have 3 Earth Readers and 1 Crafter researching giving 39 points a turn now.

My spy network grows to include Marignon. Ashdod is scouted in the West as well. Vanheim conquers a nearby throne with minimum losses.


Turn 11

I immediately set my newest pathed mage to build a fort at that location and recruit another Shaman. Finishing the fort and jump starting research is more important site searching for N1 paths right now, plus I have an excess of money to burn on mage production. Once I get my mage infrastructure established I’ll start worrying about gem income.

Ulm has done something that is a minor faux pas when you have a NAP, building not just a fort but also a temple right now to our mutual border. There’s two issues with this: one forts are less efficient if you don’t own the surrounding territory. That means there’s an economic benefit for Ulm to conquer my land. Additionally he is garrisoning large numbers of troops right on our border. I message him about this inquiringly, but he is dodgy and wants me to commit to a longer NAP. His story also doesn’t really check out since he never moves the troops closer to Pangaea. This makes me think he meant to go on me but got involved in a war with Abysia instead. Whatever, NAP 3 isn’t that much longer and it would be inconvenient for me to war right now too.

Small Sea is worth 83 gold and I suffered no losses in its recent liberation. I move to the middlemost underwater province, Cerulean Sea.I really like this territory because it borders 9 different provinces. Its a nightmare to defend if you’re against multiple opponents, but as long as I control it I have the outlet to deliver an offensive to whomever I so choose. This allows me to have an active global presence very early and potentially bid my services to opponents who otherwise couldn’t touch me. If someone is about to secure the game, I can also interfere with and disrupt their plans. Additionally the Ship Wreckers are now on an open contract. I need to claim territory before anyone else lays stakes down with them.

My site searchers found another site. My earth and fire income is growing rapidly now, hopefully becoming a nice nest egg for summons if necessary. I take 1 Earth Reader off library duty and send him out with 14 Ancient Ones to reinforce my Northern territories. I’ve decided to make a bid for the Northern city, and perhaps test my mettle on a Level 1 Throne too. My spy network continues to expand with a total of 11 operatives:

  • Vanheim: 1 current agent, 2 entering
  • Ulm: 4 current agents, 1 exiting, 1 entering
  • Ashdod: 3 current agents, 1 exiting, 1 entering
  • Pangaea: 1 current agent

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